Ervin Groppenbecher

(1913 – 2001)

One Artist, Many Styles

I grew up knowing my grandfather was an artist. He was a graphic designer in Cincinnati when the lettering was done by hand, working for companies like Keebler. (My grandad worked for the Keebler Elves!) His watercolors were on our walls at home, and every Christmas we would get an original silkscreen holiday card.
The idea for this show came as I was helping my parents downsize. As we pulled grandad’s artwork out from where it was stored under the bed and in closets, I was struck by how many different styles he
used. Like many creative people, his art reflected his life, from the paintings of family vacation sites to the hand-drawn cartoons he sent my mom when she went away to college.
I’m the keeper of my grandfather’s art now. It will live on my walls…and in my closets and under my bed.
I hope you enjoy the show.

Marjory Hamann

A Journey of Discovery

Take a walk through the gardens and Native Plant Park to discover whimsical creations and permanent art installations. The centerpiece is a set of three 24′ high decorative cast iron grills depicting evergreen forests by internationally known artist Jan Zach (pictured above). The grills were commissioned in 1960 and originally installed on the Equitable Savings and Loan Building in Roseburg). Other highlights include a stunning stone fountain by Lincoln Russel of BR Nursery and recent works by metal artist Phil Beck.

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