Supporting Community Health

Elkton is a vibrant rural community but many people face barriers when it comes to accessing health and wellness services. Our area is federally designated as a Medically Underserved Area. In 2022 our area was identified as one of the top ten areas of greatest unmet need out of Oregon’s 128 service areas. Twice as many residents ages 18-64 live with a disability than in Oregon as a whole and we have significantly higher deaths per 100,000 people due to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

ECEC’s Wellness Initiative is focused on increasing accessibility to health and wellness services designed to prevent disease and improve quality of life. Our community is not big enough to sustain a brick-and-mortar medical clinic. Instead, we are focusing on preventative programs and partnerships that support the health and wellness of those living in our area. Our wellness programs are open to anyone in the community who is seeking support, but especially seniors, people living with chronic illness, and those with limited incomes.

Hosting Medical Providers & Services

We are partnering with mobile providers who are able to provide in-person services such as vaccines, dental care, phlebotomy, diabetes wound care and more. Our current partners are listed below and we look forward to adding more in the future:

  • Thundering Water’s Wellness On Wheels (WOW) Truck will bring mobile recreational opportunities including a bike pump track, climbing walls, mini golf and more to Elkton during ECEC events.
  • Oregon Health Authority’s Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative (OABHI) supports trained social workers and psychologists to provide case consultation for older adults and people with disabilities, trains people who work with seniors, and offers community education.
  • UCAN Outpost Mobile Food Pantry travels and distributes fresh produce, packaged and dry goods, and other food items in remote rural communities. Swing by ECEC between 1-3pm on Tuesday during the first and third full week of the month if you would like to get food from the mobile pantry. They will ask if you meet the income requirements but you will not be required to provide proof of income.

Classes & Workshops

We’ve partnered with UC-VEG to virtually stream their 13-week Lifestyle & Nutrition Course for an in-person group here at ECEC. We are also hosting OSU Extension Service workshops on home food preservation, food security, nutrition education, emergency preparedness, healthy aging, physical activity, and more!


Starting in the fall of 2023 people will be able to reserve space and technology in our new wellness building to attend Telehealth appointments and online wellness programs.

Public Benefits Application Assistance

We are now offering application assistance to those looking to apply for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) insurance or SNAP benefits (food stamps). Call us to schedule an in-person appointment with an OHA Certified Assister who can help you through the process of applying for one or both of these programs.

Resource Library

We are gathering information on health & wellness resources that directly serve Elkton and the surrounding area. We will compile this information and make it available on our website as well as in the ECEC library. We are also creating a “library of things” made up of various items that can be checked-out from the ECEC library for home use (e.g. workout DVDs, light therapy lamp, blood pressure monitor, resistance bands, weights, EMS foot massager, etc.). This program will be launched in late fall 2023.

Information & Referrals

We are a network partner with Unite Us, a referral platform created to support the Connect Oregon collaborative. Trained volunteers at ECEC can talk with you confidentially to help you connect with housing, transportation, health care providers, and more. Call us if you have any questions or need help getting in touch with local services.

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