A Diverse Landscape

Our 30-acre site includes walking trails through a mature Native Oregon Plant Park, extensive butterfly gardens, and Monarch Way Stations for large and small landscapes. We grow edible plants too! As you tour the site, check out our Market Garden, Heritage Orchard and a small garden at Fort Umpqua.

Native Oregon Plant Park

The 4.5-acre park includes signage and kiosks that guide visitors through the seven climate zones of Oregon and identifies the typical flora one might find there.  Planted in 2001, the trees are now tall enough to provide an overstory for the smaller shrubs and flowers native to Oregon.  In the heart of the park is an amphitheater used for concerts, weddings, reunions and performances.

Butterfly & Pollinator Gardens

The butterfly garden attracts many colorful flying creatures and by mid-summer it virtually hums with activity. ECEC was featured in a 2005 Sunset magazine as “one of the five best places to see butterflies,” and offers endless opportunities for artists and photographers to capture the lively garden scenery.

Be sure to visit the Monarch Way Station for an example of how you could add butterfly habitat in your home landscape.

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