It’s Time for Pi!

That’s not a typo! Our popular Pie Auction is taking a year off due to the coronavirus, so we’re asking our community to come together to raise money to support ECEC’s programs through the fall and winter.

Our goal is to raise $3,141.59 (get it??) by Labor Day.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a donation
  • Host a Facebook fundraiser to encourage your friends to give (It’s easy! See below.)
  • Share ECEC’s Facebook posts to help spread the word

ECEC has a lot to offer the community during this challenging time – fresh produce from our garden, library books & DVDs, outdoor movies, and a new student yard maintenance service. Your gift will help!

Anyone who raises or donates $314 or more by September 7th will receive an actual pie baked by Margo Johnson in a commercial kitchen.

All donations will be recognized on a colorful slice of pie posted in our café window, and make us irrationally happy!


Hosting a Fundraiser on Facebook

  1. Click the HOME icon on your Facebook page. Locate the menu (left side of your computer screen, or the upper right in phone view). Choose “Fundraisers”
  2. Use the “Search Nonprofits” feature to find Elkton Community Education Center
  3. Set the amount you want to raise (we suggest at least $314–you want that pie!)
  4. Choose the end date (we suggest September 7th)
  5. Set the title (Example: Marjory’s “Time for Pi!” Fundraiser for ECEC)
  6. Fill in the “Why are you raising money?” section. Here’s sample text—add a line or two to tell your friends why ECEC matters to you:

Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I’m raising money for the Elkton Community Education Center’s “Time for Pi!” campaign to replace income from their annual Pie Auction, which was cancelled because of the coronavirus. Please help me raise $314.15 (get it?) to help them meet their goal. Any amount helps!

ECEC is a nonprofit organization that offers educational programs and cultural events for all ages in Elkton, Oregon. They have a butterfly pavilion, a historic trading fort and a native plant nursery. ECEC means a lot to our small town–it’s our library, a gathering place for community groups, and a job training center for high school students. I hope you’ll join me!

In Kind Wish List

  • Mini fridge for student break room
  • Counter top microwave
  • Men’s full body mannequin (w/head) for Fort display
  • Wheelbarrow
  • 16 16 16 fertilizer
  • Chainsaw
  • Walk behind mower
  • Gas weed eater
  • Shovels, leaf rakes, hoes
  • Reams of 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper (preferably 20 lb; 92 or 96 bright)
  • HP printer cartridges (HP 950 regular or XL black / HP 951 regular or XL multi pack, color)

Make a Difference!

ECEC is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, funded by donations, grants and earned income from sales and site rentals. Annual contributions provide a stable, flexible source of support to ensure that ECEC’s educational programs can continue for years to come and benefit local youth.  When you support ECEC, it has a positive ripple effect throughout our rural economy.

Our Students.

Our Future

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